The newly formed Hold’em for Life Fellowship Program raises funds for clinical trainees who pursue cancer research in Toronto. The University of Toronto is the only medical school in Toronto that has students studying within world-class teaching hospitals. These hospital include:

New in 2019, Hold’em for Life committed $16.4 million to the University of Toronto’s Faculty of Medicine and partnered with Toronto’s leading teaching hospitals to establish the Hold’em for Life Fellowship Program. With this fellowship program, we will commit to sponsoring approximately 40 fellows a year and with the support of our sponsors, we are able to reach our goal of $2 million which will allow our highly educated, world-class students talent to remain here in our city. With each fellow, Hold’em for Life will commit $50,000 per year per fellow and with the applicant’s institution to fund the balance. The annual salaries for our clinic fellows amount to $100,000 for the year. These funds will provide medical doctors engaged in oncology-based researched the following benefits:

  • Improved clinical trial accrual
  • Maintaining Toronto’s status as a destination for cancer-related education of medical doctors who are interested in advancing cancer research and treatment
  • Improved clinical care
  • Uplifting global/national cancer care
  • Innovation

To see the complete list of fellows:

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